Belly Dancing Classes for Beginners

Everyone Welcome!

I am currently holding belly dance classes at:

    St. Marks Hall - just behind St. Marks Church on the Dedworth Road - Windsor.
    Every Thursday evening
    from 7:30pm to 8:30pm

This is a beginners class and all ages are welcome.

Any one who has done belly dancing before and wishes to catch up or just use the classes as a refresher course can also come along

I teach beginners -improvers and intermediate classes.

I am available for parties- birthdays, weddings or hen nights No Stag Nights

I also do private tuition for women only.

Belly Dancing is a wonderfully enjoyable way to exercise for people of all ages and size. Belly Dancing encorporates a wide range of movements, working the deep muscles and promoting your health and overall well-being. Dance is simply a movement to music so anyone can do it... just come along and enjoy yourself.

A few tips to Remember:

  • Do wear loose, cool, comfortable clothing and be bare footed.
  • Do pace yourself at all times!
  • Do listen to your body; if it twinges or aches ease up, or take a rest!
  • Do understand that muscles are like elastic, if they are stretched gently they will not break, and with regular dancing and movement they become toned and firmer.
  • Do ask your doctor’s advice if you have any medical problems.
  • Don’t overdo it initially. If you feel hot or tired, take a rest!
  • If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

    A guide to Bellydancing:

    Most people have only seen belly dancers in restaurants or on holiday, that is only one aspect of belly dancing. Classical Arabic belly dancing is graceful, emotional, skilful and sensual. It originated in the Middle East as a dance by women for women. Belly dancing is ultimately a very individual form of self-expression therefore your dancing can be fast or slow, complicated or delightfully simple. Belly dancing has simple basic steps and body movements which, once mastered, make the dancer feel beautiful and confident. When dancing to any piece of music each dancer will eventually develop her own sense of style and form whilst still enjoying the dance.

    The form of dance or exercise you take up will dictate your body’s shape. Belly dancing inspires a womanly, hour-glass figure with natural curves. It is excellent for re-shaping and toning-up the waist, hips and abdominal areas. It’s the ultimate way to maintain a great body and achieve a fabulous feminine figure. Belly Dancing is a unique and exciting way of keeping fit and at the same time you can learn a dance that is as old as the pyramids of Egypt and just as fascinating. Belly dancing has tremendous grace and emotional appeal and is suitable for everyone of every age therefore all ages and shapes are most welcome.

    Dance Experience

    I have been dancing for 10 years. I have continued over the years to attend seminars and dance workshops, learning with top teachers from Egypt, Germany and America. I began to teach about 8 years ago, around Windsor and surrounding areas.

    I have performed at restaurants in Camberley, Chiswick and Windsor and have also performed at private parties and weddings.

    I still continue to attend as many different workshops as possible - constantly striving to improve and develop my performance and teaching techniques. I enjoy the experience of teaching and sharing the knowledge that I have acquired over the years.

    For further details contact Clare on Tel: 075 1201 5031



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